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It's just funny how someone whom we used to care about can turn out to be someone whom we don't even give a damn anymore. It's true that we mustn't put too much hope on someone, because we wouldn't know what'll happen in the future. And If we expect less, the lesser the tendency for us to get hurt.  That's the reason why I don't really like it when people expect too much from me because... 1) it's quite burdensome 2) i hate knowing that people are hurt because of me 3) i hate living up to people's expectations. 

Back to the topic. I'm just wondering, does your heart ache when you reminisce the memories you had with someone whom you once liked/loved? Because mine does. It's nothing much, really. But you know.. little things mattered to me. I really wish that I could have a delete button in my life. I could just remove that person completely from my life/ i could just delete my feelings. It doesn't really hurt that much these days --maybe because I've moved on (meh). But whatever. I still have regrets, and I wish I could fix everything back to its original position. But it's too late now because almost everything has shattered. I have no courage to even proceed. I think I had enough of making myself feel unworthy. I just hope that I won't be bothered by it for the next four months. There are other people whom I can hold onto when hope begins to fade. And I also have my parents and siblings to impress, and my friends to enlighten my days. But there's still a slight glimmer of hope inside me -- wishing that everything's back to normal. Or at least, both of us were to pretend that nothing happened.

Another thing that has been lingering in my mind -- why do we choose to grip harder onto the rose while acknowledging that the thorns will prick us even deeper? There are so many other options. It might not be easy, and it may take time. But I believe that we'll make through it. 

Uh.. I guess that's all. Thank you for wasting your time by reading this piece of trash. I'll take this chance to announce my retirement from being the queen of getting my hopes high. Bye.