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18th of March is a date to be remembered by all EXO-Ls. Well, who would dare to forget that? Especially for the first-timers like me…. Yeap. I had post-concert depression— right after the concert until now (but it gets better day by day, thank God). I felt lazy to do any activities that required me to do movements…. I even felt like giving up on everything??? I swear my mind had gone crazy at that time. LOL. I knew some people made  assumptions that I asked my parents to buy the ticket for me, as a gift for my SPM result. So.. I’m here to tell you that I bought it using my own money that I gained from helping my dad to draw murals at certain schools. I did ask them for their permissions and they even approved.

My family and I went to KL on d-day (it’s quite a rush, I tell you). I was left at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan around 3 p.m.. and waited for my sister, Nabila. ALONE. She picked me up around 3.30 p.m. Our whole journey = Kemaman > TBS > KL Sentral > Stadium Merdeka. At 6.30 p.m., we arrived at Hang Tuah station. I bought cat4 ticket so my entrance would be the green gate. At first we were lost, (we actually didn’t know where to go!) Thank God there were other EXO-Ls around the station, so we decided to make some friends – Gracia and her concert partner.. which idek what’s her name. They’re from Klang. At the entrance, there were stalls selling their merchandises! I'm hating on myself rn because I didn't buy any except for the handfan and totebag.

Although we’re so late.. we managed to get very nice seats (Mulamula je). After securing our seats, we went to perform our Maghrib prayer. The empty area was nearby our seats and it's also clean, so we prayed there.

(CR to owner, picture is not mine)

So after we finished.. we went back to our-supposed-to-be-seats. We were chased away by RELA uncles.. they told us we’re not supposed to sit there! It’s really frustrating.. they should’ve told us earlier so that we could find other decent seats. Our belongings were taken by Gracia (WE OWED HER A LOT). We’ve got telepathies so we managed to find her right before the concert started. Our new seats were not that cool though… my view was kind of blocked by this fence beside me.

         (Ignore my excited face)
 (My view)

The concert started at 8 p.m. with the opening VCR. MAMA was the first song to be performed by EXO but I could just see them in the screen.. because of the thick fog and the distance between us :") Don't worry, for the other performances besides MAMA,MONSTER & WOLF , I managed to see them clearly as they came to the extended stages. Baekhyun didn't come to my side that much, which made me rather emotional. By the way, there were other EXO-Ls wearing purple LED crowns. Sorry but you were just ruining our silver ocean. 

wyd D.O? 😂 
(I captured this pic using zoom lens. The screen was not this close to me ok)

(CR to owner, picture is not mine)

Acoustic Medley made me feel even luckier to be at the concert. I got to hear them singing live, with the high and low notes! Stop saying that they're only lip-syncing because they aren't. Silver Savior Union handled a fanproject -- which was to sing Xiumin a Happy Birthday song. It's a success! Good job Malaysian EXO-Ls, we're the first ones to wish him, together with other EXO members. I swear he was about to tear up at that time. 26th March is his birth date, so I hope that yesterday reminded him of us.



I also took some pictures.. and even recorded some videos. If you guys were to go to any concerts, please PLEASE do not record too much because you'll end up regretting it. You'd miss the moments and regret them later, trust me. (CUZ I AM HATING MYSELF RN) My favourite songs would be Thunder & One and Only. THE SONGS KEEP ON REPLAYING ON MY MIND. I know some of you might feel bored reading this, I admit and feel sorry, i'm a blogger with no sense of humor. Ok, let's continue. There were times when Baekhyun came to the extended stage of my side, so I got all excited. I forgot that RELA uncle was watching me (he warned me already that I shouldn't be using the zoom lens) T____T 

                              Image result for zoom lens for phone

                                                                      (Still, worth buying)

He took the zooms lens and returned it to my sister five minutes later. After that, I focused on the performances. Well, I should thank him for that. I enjoyed the next performances so much that my sister gave me a shocked look. I LOVE GATCHI GATCHI HAE PERFORMANCE, THE SONG IS SO ADDICTIVE AND CATCHY! Park Chanyeol asked us to repeat after him the "gatchi gatchi hae" so many times. He's so playful. Baekhyun even asked us, "Are you guys mad towards us?" No baby, no. 

The most epic moments would be them splashing water on the stage (as the weather was hot) and... Chanyeol freaking out because there was a bug on his shirt.. and Suho saying "Calm down, Malaysia. Not now"

"Dont forget tonight" "We'll be back soon" "We promise to meet you again'' "We are under the same rain right now and it feels like we are falling in love" "Go home safely" "Promise us~ You'll stay the same the next time we come here"

^ Some of their ments that touched my heart. 

(D.O... Y u so far TT)

( The moment before my zoom lens was taken. Yep, that's Baekhyun)

( My favourite pic from the masternim. These three dorks are so extra)

It rained when they were doing their ments.. which literally made them feel happy. LOL. Thank God I've got my raincoat with me. The concert ended around 11 p.m. My other two sisters picked us up and went all the way to our hotel. I swear this is the best gift ever from me to myself, not to forget my whole family members to not stop me from going on with my passion. They went back to Korea the night after the day.. Idek what did they do for the whole Sunday?I'm hoping that when they come back, the stage will be much bigger. But still, I gotta praise Star Planet for their hard work. Thank you for bringing them to Malaysia.Hehe.By the way, Kai told us that EXO is gonna invest more for the next concert to make the stage much bigger. So that they can reach us who were far from the stage. Call me crazy but I'm gonna be at the rock zone next year hehehehehehe. AXIATA Arena would be great for the next venue. Indoor stadium, please?